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Seccom Global is Australia’s Leading Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)
by bringing you customised cost-effective solution for your organisation.  Our personalised approach ensures that you receive the best security expertise that catered for your company.


Seccom Global’s range of products and services are designed to assist our clients securely negotiate the challenges and risks of operating business in a world becoming more compelled by ecommerce.  Our solutions include Firewall Services, Secure Internet Connectivity, Cloud based Virtual Servers and Hosting services, Backup and Disaster Recovery Services, wireless network design, installation and management, auditing, design and consulting services, migration services and technical support.

We have a solution to suit the buying preferences of every business. These solutions can be provided as either fully managed (opex) solutions, customer owned (capex) solutions, or a combination of the two.  Our Security Operations Centre monitors and manages the solutions we provide 24 x 7.


  • SecureLAN

    is our Managed Firewall service that ensures your company’s data is kept secure.

  • SecureDR

    is a completely managed off site disaster recovery and data protection solution that offers 24×7 support and alerting, customer premise equipment options.

  • SecureSTREAM

    is Seccom Global’s cloud based solution, designed to assist our customers protect their websites from internet based threats.

  • SecureWAN

    is our Managed Secure ISP which delivers supreme internet access and In the Cloud solutions, allowing you to save money, increase your network bandwidth and deliver flexible business strategies.

  • SecureHOST

    provides Virtual Private Servers and hosted services on demand in a secure and stable environment.

  • Consulting & Audits

    Seccom Global’s consulting and auditing services provides the expertise and information needed to allow you to identify, monitor and control your security exposures.


I encourage Seccom to maintain their strong ethos when it comes to customer service, partner selection and business process. Seccom Support’s approach to amendments and clarifications is excellent. We were so impressed by the service that we have employed the same helpdesk software to service our own help desk”

Stephen WesterwellerNational Business and IT Manager, Toyota

Seccom security team deals with threats on a practical level and have routine contact with security product vendors. In my experience you are getting very current and accurate information in relation to security threats and appropriate controls for these threats.”

Matt McDonnellIT Security Manager, Australian Red Cross

“I have no hesitation in recommending Seccom to anyone in the market for a managed information security service. I inherently sell Seccom to people I talk to because I am so impressed with their level of service and support. In this industry, you find that some companies are very clinical and although Seccom take their business seriously, they are approachable and maintain an excellent rapport”

Christopher SmithNetwork Administrator, L.J. Hooker

“Seccom’s service is second to none. I would absolutely recommend their products and services to any company in need of a managed information security solution.”

Peter WilliamsonIT Infrastructure Manager, Breville


Michael Shine

Michael Shine

Michael Demery

Michael Demery



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Software Defined Networks changing the way we design, build and manage the networks of the future

Software Defined Networks – SDN will change the way we design, build and manage the networks of the future. Building networks that are no longer proprietary and difficult to manage and which give the network owner more control is the basis on which SDN has been developed.

Cloud based services, mobility and the movement from hosting solutions on a physical premises to being hosted in Data Centres, has made the traditional model of building networks in layers, no longer tangible. These are some of the problems SDN is being developed to address.

This Whitepaper has been written to introduce you to SDN and to assist you in understanding what SDN is being designed to accomplish. There is a lot of information written on SDN and it is easily found on the internet. I hope this paper helps you to begin the journey of understanding.

Read Whitepaper


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How to Perform IT Security Auditing

Every single day, threats to network and IT security are becoming more prevalent and sophisticated, making it essential to determine how vulnerable your company’s systems are to such threats. Knowing how your business can avoid or cope with a potential security breach is also important to ensure that no loss of valuable and sensitive data […]