Moore Australia Partners with Seccom Global to offer Cyber Security Services

• 55% of all businesses reported use of paid cloud computing in 2019-20*
• Est $29 billion lost to cybercrime by Australian businesses annually**
• $634 million was lost to scams by Australians in 2019.**
• Cloud solutions are expected to add $108bn to AU GDP by 2023, 73k jobs.***
• Ransomware attacks have risen 200 percent and surveys have shown that 60 percent of Australian companies would be willing to pay the ransom
• Demands for ransom are seeing an all time high reaching over $70 million USD

Moore Australia is pleased to announce it will be offering industry-leading cybersecurity solutions to its clients. The global professional services network’s New South Wales firm will be providing a range of services such as, managed firewalls, vulnerability assessments & scanning, network auditing, PEN testing, backup & disaster recovery and 360 degree user protection including endpoint, email, secure access & mobile, which will be ‘powered by’ industry leader Seccom Global.

The COVID Pandemic continues to impact how business is conducted, and the continuous digital shift offers a stark reminder that it must go hand-in-hand with robust cybersecurity measures. Irrespective of size and industry, most businesses in Australia have a digital footprint, whether through cloud solutions, data centres or mobile POS devices. It is vital business owners are aware of and actively guarding against cybercrime to protect their customers’ information.

Paul Breedon, Partner at Moore Australia’s New South Wales firm, commented: “We are pleased to be able to offer a vital service to our clients, through a partner we trust and have worked with for over 15 years.”
“Digital security is a subject which is frequently sidelined by businesses for a variety of reasons. But the fact of today’s world is that any business needs to put serious consideration into how resilient its defences against cyberthreats are.”

The Moore Australia cybersecurity offering is powered by Seccom Global, who offer comprehensive and industry-leading cybersecurity technology to help protect clients from malware, ransomware and advanced targeted threats.

Michael Demery, Managing Director at Seccom Global, commented: “Our agile and customer-focused solutions have been securing business’ data since 2003. Long-standing partnerships such as these offer accessible opportunities for organisations to protect themselves from cybercrime.”