The importance of unified security across an evolving threat landscape

Facing the security challenges in a hybrid work environment.

The events of 2020 have shown how resilient business could be when confronted with the challenge of adapting quickly to vastly different working conditions. Suddenly migrating users from the office to the home presented business problems previously not encountered and, in many cases, forced business to rethink their entire way of doing things. The speed at which this migration happened meant security often took a back seat to business continuity and function. Unfortunately, as many of these businesses later discovered, it is not easy to address these newly created security posture gaps utilising the traditional solutions that they had previously employed.

As a result of the employee migration, mobile workers accounted for much of the workforce. Halfway through 2021, this looks to be a continuing trend. Yet, many organisations are still trying to solve these new challenges with solutions designed for employees working in the traditional office model. Even organisations with well-executed cloud strategies have struggled with the mass migration of their workforce to a work from home model.

Managing remote and hybrid workforces will be a continuing challenge for business for the foreseeable future and beyond. Some analysts believe COVID-19 only sped up what was inevitable – whatever the driver, the result is that we must understand how best to operate in an environment with BYOD devices such as smartphones, iPads and personal laptops, accessing the network from any location – and embrace it as the norm.

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