Keepit SaaS Backup Solutions

Protecting SaaS data in cloud services like Microsoft 365 is your responsibility.

Keepit is the best way to protect cloud data across your SaaS services. Get the market’s best Office 365 backup coverage and a variety of great features with Keepit’s cloud backup & recovery services.

Keepit is designed to protect your data. Data is your most valuable business asset, which is why we give you the most secure, robust, and scalable data protection service.

Microsoft Office 365 Backup and Recovery

Keepit Backup and Recovery for Microsoft Office 365 gives you full protection of your critical business data across Office apps like Teams, Groups, SharePoint, Exchange, and OneDrive.

Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite) Backup and Recovery

Keepit for Google Workspace (G Suite) gives full protection of your critical business data across apps like Gmail, Drive incl. Team Drive, Sites, Docs, Calendar, Tasks, and more.

Keepit Backup and Recovery for Salesforce

Salesforce is not responsible for protecting your cloud data and has no obligation to recover it in case of data loss. Securing a backup of your Salesforce data and metadata is ultimately your responsibility.

Keepit SaaS Backuip Solutions

Keepit Backup and Recovery for Cloud SaaS Data

Keepit is a BaaS (Backup as a Service) solution providing complete coverage of cloud SaaS data (Software as a Service) of Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, Dynamics 365, and Google Workplace.
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