Internal Penetration Test


Internal Penetration Testing

Seccom Global’s network and infrastructure testing experts work with you to define any network and asset in scope and devise an appropriate assessment strategy.
Using a combination of manual and automated tools, out testers identify security weaknesses and develop a strategy to exploit them.
Focused on establishing access to a system or resource by bypassing security restrictions. The main focus is to identify external entry points into the organisation and to identify high-value asset targets.
Once a network assessment is complete, our testers document key findings and supply prioritised remediation guidance to help address any identified exposures.

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An Internal Penetration Test is performed by a highly-skilled Seccom Global security consultant who is onsite within your corporate network or securely connected to your network via a secure VPN over the internet. This type of assessment looks for security issues and vulnerabilities on the inside of your corporate network with the same physical access as a member of staff or other types of employee who has access to the organisation. This assessment provides a very comprehensive view of the configuration of your corporate network devices and servers from a security viewpoint of an insider, connected to your network.

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What Are The Risks?

Most large fraud operations and industrial espionage attacks are performed from inside an organisation.

These attacks may be carried out by a contractor who has their contract cancelled, by a disgruntled employee or by a remote attacker who has gained access to your internal network.

The closer an attacker is to their target, the more control they have over the environment. This is why internal attacks can be so devastating and costly

Various forms of compliance exist that mandate regular Penetration Testing as a required standard and the risks of not doing anything are widely publicised.


How Seccom Can Help?

Identify security gaps by understanding how an internal attacker could compromise your internal network.

Gain real insight into the potential damage and business risk an attacker could inflict.

A comprehensive report outlining the security posture of your internal network, including high impact recommendations.

Enhanced protection of your business intelligence, data and IT systems, brand and reputation.

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