SecureDR Managed Services

Taking the pain out of a complex problem

Secure Backup & Recovery

Effective Data Protection isn’t just about ensuring the privacy and integrity of your data but also the availability. Having an efficient, effective and reliable disaster recovery solution in place can achieve all these objectives. Traditional backup methods, such as tape or disk, are still widely used but these methods can be inefficient, unreliable, and time consuming to manage. SecureDR is designed to make recovery easy and efficient.

Keep 3 Copies

Keep 3 copies of any important file, 1 primary & 2 backups

In 2 Locations

Keep the files on 2 different media type to protect against different types of hazards

Store 1 Copy Offsite

One of those locations being offsite

Cloud Backup

Backup your cloud based workspace such as O365 and Google


Best practice guidelines and frameworks