Network Vulnerability Scan


Network Vulnerability Scanning

During the on-boarding process, Seccom Global discovers the customers environment including the full range of assets, and the underlying architecture and access permissions.
Seccom Global will provide a comprehensive report to the customer and walk through it to ensure the customer understands the vulnerabilities detected.
Seccom Global will walk through the identified vulnerabilities with the customer and determine the items based on severity and priority to be remediated and provide guidance on next steps.
As a managed service, Seccom Global can provide ongoing security health checks by continually assessing network traffic, user activity, and configuration changes or services running within the network environment.

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Keeping up with changes to your business’s network can be difficult. Business growth and infrastructure changes mean that new vulnerabilities can appear on a daily basis and must be quickly identified and addressed to avoid leaving critical data and assets exposed. Seccom Global’s vulnerability scanning service combines the latest vulnerability scanning tools and experienced security professionals to proactively inspect your network and provide the insight and guidance needed to address security weaknesses. These scans can be purchased as an ongoing managed service to address the constant change in your corporate environment.

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What Are The Risks?

Users, devices, applications, and data are moving outside of the corporate perimeter and into an access anywhere environment

New business processes driven by digital transformation increase risk exposure

Traditional perimeters are complex, increase risk, and are no longer compatible with today’s business models

Cyber criminals aren’t only targeting companies in the finance or tech sectors. They’re threatening every single company out there

Security threats to BYOD impose heavy burdens on organizations’ IT resources and help desk workloads


How Seccom Can Help?

Vulnerability scanning is frequently used by attackers to identify weak assets. Our vulnerability scanning service will help you to stay on top of cyber hygiene and avoid giving attackers an easy way to compromise your organisation

For each vulnerability scan conducted, Seccom Global’s team will produce a clear and understandable report that describes the vulnerabilities discovered, assesses the business impact and provides actionable and prioritised remediation guidance

Scheduling regular scans as well as analysing their outputs can be time and resource-intensive. A vulnerability management service alleviates the strain of undertaking these activities and enables your in-house team to focus on addressing vulnerabilities rather than discovering them

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