External Penetration Test


External Penetration Testing

Seccom Global’s network and infrastructure testing experts work with you to define any network and asset in scope and devise an appropriate assessment strategy.
Using a combination of manual and automated tools, out testers identify security weaknesses and develop a strategy to exploit them.
Focused on establishing access to a system or resource by bypassing security restrictions. The main focus is to identify external entry points into the organisation and to identify high-value asset targets.
Once a network assessment is complete, our testers document key findings and supply prioritised remediation guidance to help address any identified exposures.

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Using a risk-based approach, Seccom Global’s penetration tests will provide your organisation with a broad look at its most critical vulnerabilities and attack vectors. Based on experience and best practices, our security team will perform a security analysis on the external perimeters of your organisation. This external penetration test provides a current review of the security posture of your organisation. Correcting the identified issues will ensure many of the known attack tactics are patched before the organisation experiences a critical breach.

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What Are The Risks?

Even if security patches exist for a system, attackers can utilise the lag time between the identification of the vulnerability and the implementation by an organisation of an associated security patch.

Attackers are always scanning unpatched systems to exploit vulnerabilities and the global nature of the internet makes it even easier for them to carry on these attacks with utmost impunity.

Various forms of compliance exist that mandate regular Penetration Testing as a required standard and the risks of not doing anything are widely publicised.


How Seccom Can Help?

Identify security gaps by understanding how an external attacker could compromise your and gain access into your network.

Gain real insight into the potential damage and business risk an attacker could inflict.

A comprehensive report outlining the security posture of your external network, including high impact recommendations.

Discover weaknesses in open services or servers through misconfigurations.

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