Why a Managed IP Telephony Services is the efficient, secure solution for your business

IP Telephony services enable businesses to streamline and reduce communication costs as compared to the traditional landline telephone system. With a managed IP Telephony service, enterprises can ensure reliable systems, without compromising security.

Better communication without the cost

The Internet age has put almost everything within arm’s reach with only the help of a computer, or a mobile device with a reliable connection to the web. This development even includes telephone calls. What was once the realm of the traditional, public switched telephone network (PSTN) can now be done through Internet telephony or an IP telephone system. This system refers to the technology that supports various real-time communication applications over IP, which include instant messaging and videoconferencing. It also covers the two-way transmission of voice over the Internet, or VoIP.

Developments on IP telephony in the 1990s made it a viable alternative for the traditional landline telephone system, particularly because of its much lower digital requirement when transmitting calls without sacrificing voice quality. It also reduces the cost of international calls as compared to making them via regular telephones, without raising any additional fees for Internet access.

Since the IP telephony system proves to be cost-effective, businesses are getting on board with it, and IP telephony services have emerged as one of the top choices for collaboration technology for several information technology executives. VoIP technology is also being seen as convenient for businesses because some service providers include phones and adapters as part of the contract, and applications could be configured for laptops and mobile devices. Meanwhile, cloud-based IP telephony services enable businesses to enjoy mobility in managing their businesses from different parts of the globe with only the requirement of a reliable Internet connection.

With these advantages, an IP telephony system can easily be considereda worthy investment for companies. It allows enterprises to streamline communications, and in turn, improve their operations. It may even allow them to explore unchartered waters, expand their business and achieve growth in the long run.

Efficient service without compromising security

The use of IP telephony service for enterprises may entail consolidating the IP and telephone services network of a certain company. When IP telephony was in infancy, the IP and the telephone services were on separate networks, with service providers having a background on installing traditional, analogue telephone services. Nowadays, the combination of the IP and telephone services on a single network could compromise an organisation’s information security.

Unlike other providers, Seccom Global incorporates security in its offering of IP telephony service system for companies. It has years of experience providing connectivity and Internet security for several organisations in Australia. This has made Seccom Global a leader when it comes to the field of information and cyber security. Nevertheless, its security services will not in any way impede the quality of IP telephony service provided to various types of enterprises.

A well-maintained system that addresses changing needs

For an efficient and a reliable IP telephony system, regular maintenance and upgrades must be performed. This can only be carried out by professionals who keep abreast with developments to the technology, and not those who are still left in the dark. A managed IP telephony service typically means that the design and installation of an enterprise IP telephony system is done by professionals who have adequate skills to ensure that the technology achieves maximum performance. These people are part of the service offered by the provider, and not sourced in-house. They are capable of managing the IP telephony system remote and on-site, round-the-clock to address arising issues promptly and meet the company’s expectations.

The managed IP telephony service offered by Seccom Global ensures that the company’s devices undergo regular updates, to maintain efficiency and protect them from cyber attacks. Furthermore, we can also extend help to organisations planning to build an IPtelephony solution that would be implemented on different platforms to address their needs in the present and in the future.

By having a managed IP telephony service in place, companies can have a system that undergoes regular upkeepwithout having to invest on an in-house team to implement this task. Enterprises would be able to take off their concerns over their technological infrastructure, and focus more on their customers and on growing their business.