With the unprecedented accumulation of data in today’s interconnected world, this wealth of information serves as the lifeblood of most businesses, driving innovation, informing decision-making processes, and shaping the direction of businesses. Whilst this data is an asset, it can also by a liability with the value also of interest to cyber criminals. And, whilst a prevention first approach to cyber security is paramount, preparing for a breach is essential.

Join Seccom Global at this intimate C-Level Event where we will discuss why Breach Preparedness is essential, and leading industry experts will share their experience and knowledge:



Scott Mann

Incident Response Team Lead – APAC, Scott Mann is an industry specialist in digital forensics and computer security incident response with twenty years’ experience providing services to the private sector, government departments and law enforcement agencies.

Prior to joining the private sector Scott was a Detective with the Victoria Police Computer Crime Investigation Squad where he conducted online and offline computer crime investigations as well as supporting other investigators in the search, seizure, and examination of computer-based evidence. Scott has worked in the creation of a national computer incident response and forensic service and has advised many government agencies and public companies on their incident response procedure as well as information management as a proactive approach.

Ashwin Ram

Cyber Security Advisor | Office of the CTO
Check Point Software Technologies

Ashwin is the winner of the fiercely competitive ‘Cyber Leadership Program (2020)’ and the ‘Cyber Strategy and Transformation Program (2021)’ from the prestigious Cyber Leadership Institutes. In Ashwin's current role as a senior cyber security thought leader within the Office of the CTO, he brings a rare combination of CISO consulting experience and deep technical knowledge to become a sought after trusted advisor to enterprises, startups and industry collectives. Ashwin is able to apply technical threats into appropriate business contexts to determine overall risk to organisations. His ability to "talk tech" one minute and then talk "business" at executive level the next, has stood me in good stead. He has a deep security capability in cloud, threat intelligence, network, endpoint as well as mobile and IoT.