A Robust SaaS Data Protection Platform

Delivering next-level SaaS data protection

Keep your favorite SaaS application data and metadata immutable, always accessible, and quickly recoverable with our granular restore functionalities. With the broadest services coverage range and transparent pricing, you’ll see why our SaaS Backup is the best choice for minimizing risk, strengthening cyber resiliency, and ensuring business continuity.

Independent backup of your SaaS data

Benefit from a vendor-independent, cloud-native infrastructure, ensuring constant data availability. Certified security measures provide full protection against data loss from human error, cyberattacks, malicious deletion, and even during SaaS vendor downtimes.

Business continuity and IT efficiency

Experience seamless data recovery with complete and granular features, ensuring protection across all major SaaS applications. Recover individual files or entire app datasets quickly and intelligently, with just a few clicks.

Regulatory compliance and peace of mind

Enjoy tamper-proof data storage, ensuring 24/7 data availability. Compliance with strict data policies like GDPR and NIS2 is simplified, with guaranteed data sovereignty. Choose your preferred data center region, and rest assured your data will never leave that region.

Platform capabilities

Built for the cloud

This service isn’t an ordinary backup technology retrofitted to the cloud. It was designed from the ground up as a cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery service, supporting the future in the cloud by being scalable, flexible, and secure. Built from scratch, it offers customers the best backup and recovery platform, customizable to their specific needs. User experience has been key in designing this platform. Gone are the days of managing tape rotation schemes, scratch disk volume space, network capacity plans, and ever-outdated backup schedules. Enter a straightforward ‘click to configure’ user experience with an underlying automatic and adaptive engine — an engine adapting to your specific needs in the ever-changing environment of the cloud.

Secure by design

Security is at the core of the architecture. Trust and data security are paramount, with the latest security concepts constantly being adapted. One of the key pillars is an object store that prohibits the deletion of any data object or backup set, ensuring peace of mind that your data will stay safe.


Simplicity is not a given when it comes to enterprise software, but customers demand simple solutions that are easy to use and understand. Engineers work daily to ensure that complex processes are made easy for users. Customers often ask, “Is that it?” after completing the 5-minute setup. The configuration is as simple as that, regardless of the number of users or the amount of data in your application. Once configured, the underlying cloud backup engine automatically and intelligently adapts to your primary workloads. Simplicity is key to the design, especially when it comes to the user experience. Therefore, four unique features have been developed to help easily find and recover lost data, making the process super simple.


This service provides instant online access to everything, from everywhere, at any time. The search engine allows for recursive searches through time and space, helping you find that one document lost “somewhere in accounting at some point in time in the past few years.” Any dataset, no matter how old, can be instantly accessed at a granular level, including single emails, documents, folders, and more, depending on the primary workload. With the click of a button, previously deleted items can be shown in the folder you’re viewing. Simple search features like this make finding items to restore a breeze.

Archiving and data retention

The purpose-built nature of this service allows for efficient, reliable, and secure storage of backup data for as long as needed. Customers with a 99-year data retention policy can trust that their data is taken seriously. Your entire backup history is always readily available, with no costs linked to accessing older datasets and no extra delays, unlike with cold storage or tape storage. This is made possible by a unique data life cycle management foundation and storage architecture. A central component is the innovative storage architecture, where all data is stored and protected by a hash-chained object store. This key component is massively scalable, and the underlying object store was created from the ground up to support the specific workload. The storage architecture is built using a blockchain-like structure, enabling verification of backup set consistency and authenticity that is not feasible with older technology.

Audit log and compliance

To enable you to document retrospectively, the audit log will keep track of who did what, and when. The audit log is available both via the user interface and via the API for integrations into third party products such as log analysis tools. RTBF (Right to be Forgotten) labels ensure data items cannot be recovered to the production database. RTBF labels protect files by preventing them from being previewed, downloaded, or restored, in accordance with the GDPR,

Data monitoring and insights

Visible data makes a business resilient. The monitoring dashboard provides a convenient, no-nonsense solution for keeping a close eye on SaaS data across multiple workloads — all in one simple dashboard. Quickly identify outliers and abnormal changes in data growth before they can affect your business. Remain data resilient no matter what. Gain control and confidence by being proactive rather than reactive. Face ransomware and other cyber threats knowing that every change in your data is under vigilant observation. Enjoy cyber preparedness and resilience in one simple-to-use platform.

Take the next step toward protecting your SaaS data

Simplify data management with a platform that shares central features and functionalities across supported applications and workloads. Protect all your cloud data through a single service vendor, streamlining your processes and ensuring comprehensive coverage.
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