We had the opportunity to buy the firewalls and have them managed by our own team, but there were a number of factors we took into consideration.


In this case, having limited resources meant that a managed solution was preferable due to the added benefit of 24/7 monitoring. The around the clock monitoring of the network is such a critical part of our operation and by using SecureLAN, I can free up my team to cover other essential tasks.


From my side the real benefits are the 24/7 monitoring and the pre-emptive monitoring that Seccom Global provides. This is an area where we cannot afford to make any mistakes


To protect us from threats, there are a raft of subject matter experts at Seccom Global monitoring our firewall and they can take pre-emptive action to protect us against threats.


Cyber security skills are very limited across the industry and so having a team of specialists dedicated to monitoring our environment is a scenario we would not have been able to create without the partnership with Seccom Global.


This is the area that has really benefited from the Seccom Global solution, we have been able to free up the team’s time which is increasingly important as they are already overburdened by other tasks.


What has worked really well for us over the past ten years we have been working with Seccom Global is the agility of the team. They are giving their customers the right level of attention and are able to accommodate our needs as soon as they change due to an incident for example.


Kawa Farid
Head of Infrastructure and Operations